About Me

About Me

Aloha and welcome to Getaway Mama! I have soooo many goodies to share with you about my favorite subjects! High-value travel to epic destinations, amazing vegetarian delights, pampering pleasures and crucial mother’s self-care tips.

More about me:


I’m a thirty-something mother of a 14 year old super-special teenager girl. We live in the rustic and quaint gold rush town of Nevada City, California with my loving husband (and her cool step-dad). This community is perfect for us because it is a hub for international travelers, as well as being a beau

tiful place to raise a family. Living here I never get FOMO (fear of missing out) for what’s going on in the travel scene.

I have always been full of wanderlust. By 19 years old, I was living out my dreams on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with just a tarp, side bag and not a care in the world (except maybe spiritual fulfillment).

Its true, with a daughter in school, I can’t travel like that anymore. And honestly, I don’t care to. I’m a responsible mother to a shockingly responsible teenager, and she knows her well-being is my first priority. And yet. She isn’t in school 365 days of the year. There are weekends. There are holidays. There is summer break. There are sleepovers. AND there is a supportive husband who knows when a girl just needs to getaway…..but with a purpose. And what purpose might that be, do you ask?

I believe in the power of the reset button. Yes, we all have one, I’m pretty sure of it. It is that place within ourselves that needs to be activated from time to time, in order to gather our strength and gain a fresh perspective on our lives. Travel is my reset button of choice, although chocolate comes in a close 2nd! As a work-from-home mom, it is important for me to sometimes getaway from home, where work is perpetually staring me in the face. Whether it is just for the weekend or for 6 weeks, this helps me gain a perspective on my life, making coming home just as exciting as going away. Experiencing the world outside of my Nevada City bubble also helps remind me how special my home really is. How lucky I am to have the loving family I do.

I am quite the travel researcher. I enjoy it. I do it for fun. As soon as I come home from a trip, I am already planning the next one, figuring out how to make it happen for the least possible cost. I am a real barefoot-luxe-for-less huntress. I have it in my blood. I have sharpened my skills over the years as my husband seems to perpetually think things still cost what they did in 1998. With the aid of my travel research skills, he has warmed up to the reality of traveling in style and even enjoying epic luxury experiences, knowing he is getting the best deal in town….like free!

I believe meaningful experiences are priceless. They serve to enrich your life, as well as nourish your soul. Worth far more than keeping up with the Jones’s. Don’t get me wrong I love fine things, and enjoy nothing more than to savor divine experiences with them! I love snuggling in a silky cotton down comforter with my sweetie, enjoying the cozy romantic ambiance of a fireplace, relishing every moment in a over-water bungalow in Bora Bora, achieving profound relaxation through Ayurvedic treatments, savoring the delicate flavor of a beet salad with fresh tarragon and goat cheese, and sharing with my daughter the pure bliss of a vegan truffle (or three:)

So yes, I love to be that Getaway Mama and go off on my own to pursue what enlivens my spirit. But I also love going on romantic barefoot-luxe getaways with my husband (this is where my hunting skills shine the most), mother-daughter trips, as well as going on family trips with the three of us.


Becoming vegetarian was a very natural process for me. I first stopped liking the taste of hot dogs, than hamburgers, and while I was at it, I dropped pork chops and ham (which I never liked anyway). By the time I was 15 years old, I was only eating chicken. This lasted a year (wow I really loved chicken), until I had a traumatizing moment at Denny’s and I dropped chicken for good. Around that time, I befriended a girl who came from a progressive family (unlike me),  and she enlightened me about animal rights activism, the horrors of factory farming and the heavy environmental impacts of the meat industry. This solidified my resolve to remain vegetarian. I even went as far as becoming vegan, eliminating dairy and eggs from my diet as well. Unfortunately, like many vegetarians, I didn’t know how to cook or eat a balanced vegetarian/vegan diet. I cooked a stir-fry of tofu and vegetables with a homemade peanut sauce pretty much every night. It wasn’t until I began to study Ayurveda, the Indian holistic science of life, that I learned how to be a healthy, successful vegetarian.

Indians have the vegetarian thing down. They have a whole caste of people (Brahmin priests) that are forbidden to eat meat. Many people in other castes also choose to be vegetarian. It is widely respected in their culture, to the point that they will have signs on top of their restaurant that will advertise it as either being “Veg” or “Non-Veg”. A pretty darn great convenience, if I do say so myself! The Ayurvedic scriptures are many 1000’s of years old, and although they do not proselytize a vegetarian diet, they do go into great detail how prepare vegetarian foods that are healthy and balancing to one’s unique constitution. The idea of proper food combining is what originally grabbed my attention to study Ayurvedic medicine. The concept of healing your body through the food and spices in your cabinet was also quite profound. Ayurvedic vegetarian cooking has now been a passion of mine since 2001, and it is a satisfying motherly pastime I very much enjoy.

My daughter is a life-long vegetarian. I have been blessed with a daughter who loves her mother’s cooking. From the very beginning, she ate what I ate. I never gave her the impression that kids were supposed to eat “kids meals” and be picky eaters. My own mother still comments on her astonishment, watching her baby granddaughter devouring her broccoli. She swears that is what made her so smart 😉

We don’t only eat Indian food, by the way. Ayurvedic principles, such as food combining, can be applied to all cuisine. I love vegetarian food from all around the world. Thai, Ethiopian, Mexican, Caribbean…you name it. I am quite the vegetarian foodie;) Like many people are discovering, I have food sensitivities. I can’t digest cow dairy and eggs. That makes eating a balanced vegetarian diet that much harder. Goat dairy has been my saving grace (I love cheese!).  Goat milk actually has the closest composition to human milk, so naturally, it is easier for people to digest. Vegans can certainly eat a balanced diet as well, but they need to be even more vigilant do get all of the nutrients their body needs.


As you might have guessed, health is important to me. I like organic vegetarian food, preferably from my own garden. I pursued a career in Ayurveda and graduated in 2004 with a focus in Panchakarma Therapy. This is the Ayurvedic version of a deep cleanse involving lots of oil, massage,steam therapy and other blissful spa treatments, as well as the not-so-fun treatments that purge the toxins from the body. I went on to become a certified massage therapist and have been providing education and healing through Ayurveda and massage ever since. (check out my website www.samadhiayurvedamassage.com).

That being said, I have a pretty good idea what a great massage is, how to relax and rejuvenate, and how I need to take care of myself. As a balanced woman, mother and wife, self-care is a very important piece of the puzzle. Whether it is in the form of self-massage, yoga, a spa day, dance, meditation, or a Getaway Mama trip, taking that time to care for myself is invaluable to my health (and sanity!).

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